Who's WhoEdit

Listing in alphabetical order, not by surname. Note that the short descriptions below are NOT indicative of all we know- if you want to know more about somebody, try using the search bar.

  • Aaron Finemont: An artificer who developed the first lexograph.
  • Aden Gincarin Etele: A Wandering Scholar, who sends documents and articles to the White Library. Last seen trekking northwards along the Artic Corridor.
  • Alamande Eoli: Leader of the expedition that discovered the Eoli Scripts.
  • Ardwick the Incontinent: Final Emperor of the Rhuthstein Dynasty and a downright terrible ruler.
  • Baldwin Aprendice: Father of the Aprendice Phantasms and the one who set them on the road to villany.
  • Bissop Camryn Audo- A member of the Casnodu religion, possibly a religious leader.
  • Caliostro Barhochz the First: The first of the Barhochz Dynasty.
  • Chalei Berkelye: A nihilist mathematician who produced the Berkelye Principles.
  • Christopher Nakita: Adventurer, writer, and grandson of one of Soncton's original founders.
  • The Cavern King: A madman who was somehow able to command large groups of Bellow Reamers
  • Dalmationer: An eccentric scholar from Dalmatia.
  • Dunskiff of Berm: Wise-man and adviser to Bermaran chiefs.
  • Elaran Earthmind: A sentient grove of plants who is the only non-us conciousness. May or may not technically be a person.
  • Fiona Alma: The first Chief Shelveskeep and founder of the Guild of Shelveskeeps.
  • Florance Reddings: Adventuring botanist and author of the Compendium of Herbological Wonders.
  • Isoraķatheð: IU as Badúsca. Tad spaced-out knowledge store.
  • Joran deBried: Author of Artic Influence.
  • Kevlin Prannetic: Governor of Kennat until his death at the conclusion of the Autonomy Debates.
  • Landen Florith: A noted Aethogeologist.
  • Lewis Aprendice: One of the Aprendice Phantasms, and the elder brother by two years.
  • Lord Hume Streiden: Governor of Almanac, seven years running and hopefully on his way out.
  • Marcus Dorial: Patron-Financier of the Dorial Mine, of Dorial Disaster fame.
  • Mr. Eldritch, aka Mr. Maximillian Zenith ir ven Eldritch: The enigmatic founder of the Encyclopedia.
  • Običa: The author of the Banma. A very common name, and probably a pseudonym.
  • PavlovianCat: Pen name of Pavlov Katz, itinerant book-broker, playwright and self styled historian.
  • Pente Alma: A Kennatian philosopher and Philosophical Adviser to Kennat's governor.
  • Pinary: A philosopher with little regard for stupidity and little skill at recognizing his own.
  • Queen Larana the Just: Queen of somewhere or other and an enthusiast of Squidball.
  • Renix Peculier: a King who was murdered prior to the rise of the Barhochz Dynasty.
  • Rotia Alma: A scholar who first discovered and translated a portion of the Balliforth Scrolls.
  • Sanzh: A much younger scholar. He tends to be a bit reserved at best, and sheepish at worst.
  • Schazer: Chief Shelveskeep of the White Library of Almanac. The promotion to Chief gives him much time to write.
  • Simon Aprendice- One of the Aprendice Phantasms, and the younger brother by two years.
  • SleepingOrange: Older than most and late to the scholarly game.
  • SquirrelPants: Pen name adopted by historian Enril Rotholda.
  • Trekmiester: A Naturalist/Anthropologist from parts yet unwritten.
  • Sour.back: An environmentalist who rarely stays one place for very long.

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